The Fourth of July: 2020

Our first family fourthon American land(Excepting the ones with a newborn in hand.) Up beyond bedtime,we took a quick walk-but didn’t get morethan halfway round the block. When we saw the first sparkler set off in the street.We stopped for a whileand then took a seat. It was was better than most,this impromptu show.(We don’t have muchtoContinue reading “The Fourth of July: 2020”

Short-term trips: Five lessons learned

From my very first experience in Chile as a junior in high school, to the last five years that we have lived in Malawi, I have come across and learned more than I can write about the role and potential impact of short-term teams. Here are five of them – and five of the peopleContinue reading “Short-term trips: Five lessons learned”

Top 15 books read in 2018

Top 15 Books of 2018 While the blog may have been relatively silent, our days have not been. And in the middle of it all, somehow reading has been a way to feel somewhat sane in the midst of adding a new baby to the family, homeschooling, furlough, and life overseas. The things I’ve readContinue reading “Top 15 books read in 2018”

Embrace: A word for the year

Americans. We are hard to generalize in one statement, because we are diverse. However, generally overseas, we are known to be loud, and vocal with our opinions. We are very expressive with our emotions, and we really like to give hugs. Before moving overseas, I didn’t realize how uncomfortable this can make other cultures feel, particularContinue reading “Embrace: A word for the year”