On Death, Life and a New Year

Over the Christmas holiday, we traveled to Uganda. In Kampala, Ryan was able to see a movie in a theatre for the first time in a year, along with his brother and our travel companions. Amelie and I stayed at the guesthouse, as it was a late night event and we didn’t think that “TheContinue reading “On Death, Life and a New Year”

Ten answers to prayer: A’s birth story

Though I had heard it before, it took going through labor and delivery for me to understand that every birth is a miracle. That a baby can survive such experiences before it takes its first breath, and that a mother’s body can recover after trauma is remarkable. And that is just the birth itself. IContinue reading “Ten answers to prayer: A’s birth story”

Guest Blog: My Mom’s Journey to Malawi

While staying on the Namikango campus I saw the sun rise and set from the porch of the guest house. I watched as the moon, stars, and planets lined up every night. I saw a world of discovery. I saw how families grow, support, and comfort one another. I apologize to people when they askContinue reading “Guest Blog: My Mom’s Journey to Malawi”

October 11: The International Day of the Girl Child, and why I care

We all thought it was obvious. Something was clearly visible between two blurry black and white legs on the screen. It was the first time we’d seen this growing human; the first time we laid on this small growing body that was moving inside of me before I could feel it. But, at sixteen weeks,Continue reading “October 11: The International Day of the Girl Child, and why I care”