The Fourth of July: 2020

Our first family fourthon American land(Excepting the ones with a newborn in hand.) Up beyond bedtime,we took a quick walk-but didn’t get morethan halfway round the block. When we saw the first sparkler set off in the street.We stopped for a whileand then took a seat. It was was better than most,this impromptu show.(We don’t have muchtoContinue reading “The Fourth of July: 2020”

Scott Cairns, ‘Into Hell and Out Again’

In this Byzantine-inflected icon of the Resurrection, the murdered Christ is still in Hell, the chief issue being that this Resurrection is of our agéd parents and all their poor relations. We find Him as we might expect, radiant in spotless white, standing straight, but leaning back against the weight of lifting them. Long traditionContinue reading “Scott Cairns, ‘Into Hell and Out Again’”