Grocery Store on a Good Friday

She walked past the butchery section as I turned the corner. Smelling of tobacco, he followed as they picked up groceries. I pushed my cart in between them to get to the milk. Picking up what I needed, I continued to the fruit aisle, very conscious of their interaction – trying not to stare. She, aContinue reading “Grocery Store on a Good Friday”

Scott Cairns, ‘Into Hell and Out Again’

In this Byzantine-inflected icon of the Resurrection, the murdered Christ is still in Hell, the chief issue being that this Resurrection is of our agéd parents and all their poor relations. We find Him as we might expect, radiant in spotless white, standing straight, but leaning back against the weight of lifting them. Long traditionContinue reading “Scott Cairns, ‘Into Hell and Out Again’”

Walking, Slums, Paradoxes & Easter Newness

A wonderful element of living and working here in Nairobi consists in a weekly trek from Pangani (where we work) to the area of Kiamaiko (where another Missions of Center is as well as our Church Fellowship) every Wednesday for a weekly bible study with our church leaders that Justine and I help lead. TheContinue reading “Walking, Slums, Paradoxes & Easter Newness”

First Thoughts Concerning Rob Bell’s New Book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God

I’m one of those folk who deeply appreciate Rob Bell – and very nearly anything he says or writes provokes me in one way or another. Of course, he didn’t employ me to be his fan or come to his defense on anything and I’m sure no one (including him) doesn’t really care whether IContinue reading “First Thoughts Concerning Rob Bell’s New Book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God”