Recent Pictures From Joska Boys and Girls Schools (with Parkview Christian Church)

 Boys Joska School  Boys enthusiastic reception of the guests  Girls reception of the guests  Thorns. Wonderful heads of spinach  Aquaponics showing life       Classrooms Church service at the boys school  Biggest dance party ever… still dancing…  Entertainment  Water Bottling Plant  Bottling water…  Very life changing water…next to a life changing Stoney *Thanks to Eric Brauer and David Underwood for the excellentContinue reading “Recent Pictures From Joska Boys and Girls Schools (with Parkview Christian Church)”

Nairobi Traffic Jam as ‘Microcosm’

Okay, imagine. You pull to a stop behind the last car in a traffic jam on a two-lane, two-way road. You are in a small vehicle. You sit there patiently – knowing full well that at some point someone up ahead will move so that the line of cars can pass (this being a regularContinue reading “Nairobi Traffic Jam as ‘Microcosm’”

Concerning ‘Neighbor-ology’

If you’re like me – you can often find it really easy to dream about ways of implementing large strategies for social justice or pondering serious ways of ‘saving the world’ and such – but when it gets down to it – you can have a hard time completing the daily tasks that are rightContinue reading “Concerning ‘Neighbor-ology’”

On short-term teams: Where are we going?

In December, we hosted our first humanitarian group. It was interesting to observe the differences from faith based trip that our halls our normally filled with. In many ways they are the same. Professionals committed to providing quality care. Compassionate individuals working for free – even raising money to be able to provide this careContinue reading “On short-term teams: Where are we going?”